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Farmer's Market

recipiesAt one time, there was no such thing as “big box stores.” But, you see, there were big boxes (we called them “wooden crates”). They were packed full of mouthwatering morsels lovingly loaded onto the farmer’s truck and taken straight to market. Farm fresh eggs. Premium cuts of meat and poultry. Homemade sausages and hand-cured bacon. That’s the way things are still done at Crossroads Market. Here, you get your goods straight from the grower. It doesn’t get any fresher. Peruse our shelves for exotic spices, specialty hot sauces and homemade ingredients that go hand in hand with all that farm fresh food you’ll be bringing home. The vast majority of food found here is grown locally. To meet diverse tastes and seasonal cycles, we do import items that just don’t seem to grow in these parts. One thing that is consistent is uncompromising quality.

Boutique Market

recipies The trouble with your modern grocery stores is that you just want to get in and get out. At Crossroads Market, we give you a reason to stay a while. Inside you’ll find tables of treasures and curios around every corner. You’ll happen across everything from rare coins and stamps to collectable toys. Native arts to natural beeswax candles. Funky fashions to one-of-a-kind crafts. You may be surprised where the time went!
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