History of the Market
How It All Began

Our Story Began...

Every weekend for almost 25 years, families, friends, treasure hunters, art lovers, designers and fans of buying fresh food direct from the producers face-to-face have converged at Crossroads Market presently located at the corner of Blackfoot Trail and Ogden Road.

The Crossroads Market has become a way of life for people from many diverse cultures. From its early beginning on 16th Avenue, the markets have grown in its new location to more than 100,000 square feet with over 150 vendors, most of who have been with the market since the very beginning.

More than a million people visit the Crossroads each year to wander through the year-round indoor farmer’s market, browse through the craft and collectable boutique market or search for that hidden treasure within the variety market.

This unique building from the 1920s is nestled in the heart of the city near trendy Inglewood. Many weekend visitors say “It’s an important part of their community and essential to Calgary,” which is evident when you see hundreds of families and friends visiting their favourite cheese shop, local baker, butcher or leather shop.

The Crossroads Market has won the Calgary Herald’s Reader’s Choice award 8 years in a row. We would like to thank all of our customers for all of their support.

We invite you to join us this weekend to see why we received the Calgary’s Consumers Choice Award 8 years running, and learn more about what you can expect in the future at Crossroads Market.

Our story began back in 1987 and we are still writing chapters in our book. We are a family owned and operated business and the next generation is starting to make their mark on the Crossroads Market. We value our Calgary community and believe in being a stable part of the community. We have been an incubator for small business for almost 25 years and plan to carry on with that concept into the future.

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