What Everyone Is Saying About Us
The food here is fantastic! — Sandy P
I’ve found CM to be an excellent location to find international foods, flavours and quality items at low prices that you can’t find anywhere else. There are also smiling faces greeting you everywhere throughout the market. — Will F
It’s a great place to spend a lazy Saturday. Plus I love the diversity of the food and products that is available at Crossroads Market. — Shane O
We love Crossroads Market – when we come we bring the whole family down and spend an entire day. I get market fresh veggies and fruits, and the kids enjoy exploring the many unique vendors. — Monica O
We just visited crossroads for the first time in about 6 months, and things have really changed there - for the better. While we've always LOVED Crossroads, they now have many more vendors, selling a wider and better range of products.
Regina's Meats: AMAZING. Her products are all natural. The European weiners are a must, her ham is feast-worthy, beef jerky sticks are addictive... everything is worth a special trip. I only venture there for her goods. If you call ahead, she will also put stuff aside for you because she sells out often before Saturday.
There is a lady from Eastern Europe at Crossroads, her apple turnovers are fantastic.
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