Silks & Stuff Flowers

Offering a large selection of fresh flowers including tropicals, Silks & Stuff can meet your floral needs for company and special events, anniversaries, weddings and funerals at reasonable prices.
With over 40 years in the fresh flower and floral business, Erik Seelt has seen trends come and go. If a new floral arrangement design has been created, he’s made it—each week, he creates between 70-80 fresh bouquets.
Born in Amsterdam, he got his start in the floral business early. At age 11, one Christmas, he was walking by a fresh tree lot and asked the owner if he could get a job selling the trees. That year, he sold over 200 trees at $5 each, which was a tremendous amount of money then, and he was able to give it to his family to help them.
The owner, who also had a flower business, took a liking to him and asked him if he wanted to learn the business, as his own children were not interested. He became the delivery boy and developed a passion for it. The rest is history.