Simple Simon Pies

Welcome to Simple Simon Pies, makers of great savoury and dessert pies since 1987.

Everyone is busy these days...families are are on the go. Here's the perfect answer to a tasty, easy, quick and affordable solution to meal times.

Our pies are a 4" individual serving which are all make by hand using the freshest ingredients available. They are baked and frozen so you need only to reheat the pies (either in a microwave or an oven) to enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for a snack. For a complete meal, simply add a salad or a vegetable side dish (which can be easily prepared while the pies are reheating) - and Eureka! - dinner's ready.

Our pies are available at various Farmers Market throughout Calgary...some of which are open year-round while others are seasonal. Please refer to the appropriate link for dates/times/ locations and maps. During the winter months, we also provide a Home Delivery service. Orders for delivery may be placed by phoning our shop directly or through e-mail. Please refer to the appropriate link for ordering instructions and a delivery schedule.

"Says Simple Simon to the Pieman...let me taste your ware"

Just like the age-old nursery rhyme, we encourage you to visit us at one of our year-round locations where you are welcome to sample any of the savoury pies. It's always nice to be able to taste what you're buying before actually making the purchase. We're confident that one taste is all it will'll be hooked! We've always guaranteed our product. If you don't like a pie for whatever reason, then we will either replace it or refund your money. It doesn't get any better than that now does it?

Thank you for visiting us...we look forward to seeing you soon.