Pearson's Berry Farm

Welcome to Pearson's Berry Farm. We are a family owned and operated Saskatoon Berry U-Pick farm situated in the peaceful parkland setting of the Red Deer River valley. In 1969 the first Saskatoon Berry tree was planted on Pearson's Berry Farm by Len and Joyce Pearson. This was the first of many saskatoon bushes, making Pearson's Berry Farm the first commercial grower of Saskatoon Berries in the world. Over the years the operation has grown from a u-pick to include the production of low sugar Pearson Saskatoon Berry Spreads and award winning Saskatoon Berry Pies. Other products include delicious tarts, marvelous Saskatoon Berry syrup and even Saskatoon Berry cider. The original log house built over 60 years ago is now home to Pearson's Cafe.

In 1993 Duane and Debbie Mertin purchased the Pearson's Berry Farm. Len and Joyce were ready to retire, and wanted to be sure they sold the farm to someone who had a love for agriculture, farming and most important - the customer. Duane and Debbie have nurtured the orchard over the many years since they bought it, and have added a number of varied products to the Pearson's Berry Farm brand.