Red Moon Gifts

Description:  Dragons, Gargoyles, Fairies ...And Other Curiosities!

Being a Dragon Lover all of my life, I was always disappointed with the junk that passes for Dragon Decor in this city. I decided to open my own store devoted to all things Mystical. I started with a single table at the Crossroads Market 10 years ago, and have since expanded into a full store filled with wondrous things from artists around the world. I pride myself with finding things not found in the big box malls of Calgary. The Crossroads market lends itself well to smaller boutique stores such as Red Moon, the people who pass through our doors are searching for the kind of things that are simply not found anywhere else. I constantly search for new products from both well known artists and new artists with a commitment to quality home decor. All of the items that I bring into my store are things that I would display in my own home with pride. After 10 years of searching, I have found more cool things then I could possibly display in the store, so we have opened our catalogues to our customers to offer them the best selection of the mystical world.