Yummy Co.

Jody Turner, known as the "Candy Guru" in Calgary, opened the Yummy Co. Nostalgic Candy Shoppe doors over a decade ago here in Calgary, Alberta.
She carries on a family tradition as her Grandfather, a Greek Immigrant, was a Master Candy Maker and Candy Shoppe Owner back in the day. Jody worked from her home making brittles and sponge toffee so she could attend over 35 Trade and Craft Fairs per year. Soon she started showcasing Imported and Hard-To-Find Nostalgic Candy offerings. The business was quite successful and after only 2 years established the first Yummy Co. retail shop. Only two short years later, the business grew again forcing the Candy Guru to relocate to a larger retail space. Now in the 7th year at the Crossroads Market, Yummy Co. has become a "staple" in the Markets' unique product offering. Sweet tooth lovers from all over Alberta come to Yummy Co. to satisfy their cravings with candies from their childhood as well as Imported and Hard-To-Find sweets from Britain, Holland, Australia and the United States. Corporate Calgary has discovered that Yummy Co. delivers unique and memorable gifts for customers and employee gifts. If you can't find it at Yummy Co., chances are it's not made anymore. So take the time to step out of your adulthood and take a trip back into your childhood while you visit Yummy Co. at www.yummyco.com or come into the Market and take a walk down memory lane with us!

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