Friends and Gems Inc

Friends and Gems Inc. was created with the intention of supporting the wellbeing of all in an inviting and holistic approach to living. Friends and Gems Inc. is committed to helping people realize their full potential and take back control of their lives by building a positive network to learn in and from. However, it all starts with you. YOU have to be open to this change and initiate the journey. We offer a variety of healing modalities, and retail items that can be utilized as tools for your journey; aimed at bringing back the balance of harmony and peace in your life to help you reach your highest potential.

Throughout the store we have enjoyed choosing a variety of unique products from our local artisans, and when available Canadian products that are of the highest quality. If you are looking for something unique and we don’t have it at the moment, we can look at special ordering it in, just ask!

We are located in a corner space just north of the main office. It’s the farthest North East corner of the market. If you have any trouble finding our location please call the contact numbers listed below.


• Healing Crystals,
• Spiritual Books,
• Oracle Cards,
• Jewelry,
• semi-precious stones,
• Singing Bowls,
• Native Medicines,
• Native drums,
• organic herbs,
• organic soaps,
• incense, incense burners, incense cones, and resins,
• Himalayan Salt and Selenite lamps,
• Himalayan bath salts, Epson bath salts, and other Himalayan products like food grade salts.
• Essential Oils
• Angel Healing and Reading Sessions
• Workshops: Wire wrapping, chakra stones, kids and crystals, crystal grids
• Angel Empowerment Information Sessions
• Relaxing massage chair sessions.
NOTE: We do special orders! Come see us to see if we can connect you with that special item you may be looking for.

We Can Connect You with the Following Modalities:
• Angel Empowerment Practitioner Courses
• Connect to Your Own Power Workshops
• Crystal Courses: 101 for beginners, setting grids, working with Kids
• Shamanism
• Reiki
• Massage Therapy

We Have Information on:
• Angels
• Crystals
• Smudging
• Jewellery Making
• Meditation
• Children and Crystals
• Children and Angels
• Working with Children and Sleep Problems
• Self-Empowerment

Store Owners:

Amanda Kindle
403 607 9167

Jennifer Mueller
403 652 6286

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Our aim is to provide a calm, peaceful and safe space that you can empower yourself and enjoy for years to come! Looking forward to your visit!

Jennifer Mueller and Amanda Kindle