Ukrainian Bakery

Ukrainian Bakery has been opened since 1993 at town of JITOMIR IN UKRAINE named as " Ukrainochka" until 2001.
Owner Oleksandr Koval with his family emigrated to Canada in 2001, and finally in 2009 Ukrainian Bakery was reopen at Crossroads Market in Calgary. Now we have huge assortment of bread and buns, also, five kinds of bread and some buns still from old ukrainian recipy ( Challa, Borodino, Marble rye, Kolach, Country rye. and Challa buns) Ukrainian Bakery produce Multigrain, Whole wheat, 9 kinds of rye bread.also, we make hot and fresh from fruits turnovers, fruit pies ,ukrainian stile of pies and a lot of desert combine with cream and fruits. Definitely,we have cheesecakes, cream-brulle, creeps and more other stuff. In the future we will have ( Ponchiky, hrustiky. perohjky)