Limart Frozen Yogurt

Description:Part of the Crossroads Market family since 1997, we love to serve fresh homemade delights just like the ones our grandmother used to serve us in the Ukraine – we use the old fashioned tried and true recipes we brought with us. Mouth-watering sweets including honey cakes, poppy seed rolls and apple turnovers are just some of the treats we offer. And for perogy lovers, we have strawberry, blueberry and apple dessert perogies. For those who enjoy a more savoury treat, don’t miss out on our tangy sauerkraut.
We use honey as one of the main ingredients in our baking. You can also buy white and buckwheat honey from us, for your own baking and home use.
Looking for a different kind of tasty offering—we have delicious, cold and refreshing frozen yogurt. And if yogurt’s not to your liking, we’ve got that covered too; we also serve ice cream.