Regina's Fine Meats

If you’re concerned about how the animals you’re cooking are being treated and fed, you’ve come to the right place at Regina’s Fine Meats. Since 1984, Regina has made it her business to sell only high quality free-range beef, chicken and pork at reasonable prices.
All the products that Regina sells are free of hormones, msg, nitrates, preservatives and pesticides; the only antibiotic our animals receive is one mandated by the Alberta government—all animals sold in Alberta get this shot.
At Regina’s, we have happy animals! All our beef and pork are grass fed and graze—they also get vegetable scraps. Our chickens are gain fed and can also free range as they please.
The beef we offer is hung 28 to 31 days for optimal tenderness. We’re at the Crossroads Market on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays—with freshly slaughtered pork (Wednesdays) and chicken (Thursdays)—unless you raise your own chickens and pigs, they don’t come any fresher. (All of the meat that we sell is slaughtered, butchered, smoked and then packaged by Regina at a government-inspected plant.) If we don’t have something you’re looking for, make sure to ask us and we’ll get it in for the following week.
Regina handmakes all of her sausages, using 100 year old family recipes, containing only free range meat with no binders or fillers and spices imported from Germany where they don’t use msg. We also only use a natural apple wood mix to smoke our meats.
Coming from post world war II Hamburg, Regina had to grow everything she and her family ate, so at a young age she learned the right way of doing things. Today she offers a delicious and healthy product and helpful staff who love what they’re doing, which means very satisfied customers.
If you catch Regina at the right time she might even tell you how to make that chunk of meat into a delicious meal!