Say Cheese Fromagerie

At Say Cheese, the cheese doesn’t stand alone. Although there are over 300 types of Canadian and international cheeses available, you never know what else you’ll find at here—a great new gluten free cracker, sea salts, even poutine mix! Say Cheese offers an eclectic mix of great items for your pantry or the cheese section in your fridge.

Say Cheese also offers a full line of “go withs”: crackers, flats, jellies, tapenades, fruit spreads, olive oil and and other oils, balsamic vinegar….we’ve recently started offering organic milk and our customers are thrilled!

Owner Nancy Brown came by her love of food honestly. Raised on Browalfa dairy farm in the seaway Valley of Eastern Ontario, good wholesome food was a priority. With a family of foodies—six brothers and sisters who are all good cooks (brother Doug is a retired chef and sister Deborah is a certified-gourmet raw food chef), Nancy developed a passion for food, its origins, history, preparation and of course, consumption. Before acquiring Say Cheese in 2008 (originally opened in 1996), Nancy gained over twenty years experience in food retail in Alberta.

“Cheese has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. Like the people, accents and cuisine, cheese is an important part of culture around the world. Canada is a nation with a rich cheese making, culture and heritage. Our cheese making is reaching new heights of quality and variety. I am so very proud to carry a good number of Canada’s finest cheeses at Say Cheese,” says Nancy.
“Nothing pleases my staff more than introducing a customer to a new cheese, or helping them pair a wine and cheese for their guests.”