Crossroads Market COVID-19 Response Efforts

The safety of our customers, employees and the public is our highest priority and we understand the concerns you may have about COVID-19. 

Our efforts are guided by global experts and health authorities along with local government. We will continue to monitor any changes in guidelines and protocol.

We have already put into place:

  • Intensified cleaning, especially in high traffic areas of the market 
  • Additional hand sanitizers for all vendors
  • Personal hygiene guidance posted in all restrooms
  • Kids area no longer available 
  • Emergency preparedness and communication plans with our local public health departments. 

Crossroads Market plays a vital role in our community. We are a place for Calgarians to get basic goods and services that are required to help you meet the needs of daily life. We do not take this commitment to our community lightly and it’s important we continue to meet this role.

Crossroads Market will remain open between 9am-5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday to continue to provide access to ALL businesses. Please see a listing of vendors who are offering curb-side pickup and delivery options. 

We understand this is a highly dynamic and evolving situation. Our commitment to you, is to keep you informed and provide the goods and services the community needs.

If you have any questions, please call us at 403 291 5208.


Crossroads Market Management